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Our Core Seminary Material is now available in Spanish.

We have purchased new Translation software to assist us in better serving our present and future students. 

In addition ... we will gladly produce this material in other common international languages 

STI has created a special "Seminary on a USB FLASH DRIVE" containing all E-Books, Program Material etc. you'll need to study for all degrees or certificates.

For those not enrolled or a graduate of the Institute the price is $35.00 for the USB DRIVE, contains both the program material, E-Books and Videos. This website will also host an expanding selection of Videos also along with program material.

Contact us and we'll invoice you so payment may be made online via credit card, debit card or checking account.  Thanks!

Years of work has gone into this vast collection providing a virtual Seminary on Portable Media.

We're Changing

The Institute will soon be part of a smaller yet more exclusive Seminary in California. We hope to move this fall to Southern California to work on this new residential seminary as part of a Diocese in that area.  The Institute will remain separate so as to continue our original calling. 

STI will remain ecumenical without denominational allegiance. However we are endeavoring to work with a number of churches here and around the world to assist them in forming their own unique seminaries. Sanctus is part of what we call the Emerging Catholic Paradigm.

Embracing the Emerging and exciting nature of worship in this post modern era, we are distancing ourselves further from Roman or Latin Rite Catholicism and more towards a universal nature of what "Catholic" was meant to be. As a Franciscan Priest Fr. Jim Waters is dedicated to reaching people, and each student where they are, whether Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, a variation of all three together with reformed Protestant belief. We hold to the Nicene and Apostles Creed of the early church and will not dictate dogmaticallyto our students. Your ministry is yours and yours alone. 

Chancellor, Fr. James Waters,TOR, PhD

Email Fr. Jim for User Name & Password if you are a past or present student or Bishop of a student.   or

Rev. Dr. Jim Waters, TOR, PhD,  Chancellor

Our new phone number is


Address all mail to:

Fr. Jim Waters,PhD, 523 SW 13th St. #417, Portland, OR  97205

We provide all material for study with STI rather then force students extra expense. You will find those on the website and on our Seminary on a CD-ROM. 

A Thesis is required for graduation in the M. Div. Length is variable. This is adjustable based on your primary goal in ministry.  

The calling to service is one that does not come suddenly but must be nurtured, requiring a dedication for study oriented around practical service.

E Learning allows the student to utilize the global reach of the internet with our guidance for your studies.  

Please note.Our Vice Chancellor has resigned into retirement and is no longer part of the Institute.

Rev. Dr. Richard Halladay FBS, PhD, ThD

We express our gratitude to him as we were founded with his wise guidance and prayers.

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