Rev. Dr. Jim Waters, PhD Chancellor   [email protected]

         Become an Ordained Minister through The Christic                Ministry From A Basic Program to Seminary Degrees.

       "The Christic Ministry" was formed & Charted to meet the           demands of a new era in Pastoral Studies & requirements                                           for religious education.
Why We Ordain
through On-Line
 Studies ?

Unlike some "Quickie" On-Line and Ministrial Ordination sites.   The Christic Ministry is an outgrowth of years of study and Pastoral formation research with the Sanctus Theological Institute.

For too long, Churches ordained according to a set of dogmatic rules or by the dictates of a few clergy within a set standard designed to meet their own church's requirement.

Since we are Non-Denominational and support the Individual...we seek to meet your needs on an individual basis.

A request for ordination demonstrates to us purposeful intent regarding the acceptance of such a calling. We offer an authentic means to become a Pastor, Reverend, Minister, or Cleric.

Whether you are seeking to qualify for the Ministry to serve a specific reason, begin a church or ministry, we are here to help.

After you receive your ordination, you are a recognized cleric by our seminary. Your name and date of ordination will be placed in our Record of Clergy for future reference and validation.