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Course Material on Christology



 Course on Christology


1. Introduction: The Mystery of Jesus Christ

  • Different approaches to the mystery of Christ
  • The Gospels as privileged sources
The living Jesus tradition


2. The World of Jesus' Time

  • Life in Galilee
  • Jerusalem
Society and politics

3. Jesus' Life and Ministry

  • Faith and history
  • Teacher and prophet
  • The reign of God
  • Jesus the parabler
  • The reign of God in parables
  • Miracle-worker
Eschatological prophet

4. Jesus' Crucifixion and Death

  • The killing of Jesus
  • Jesus' approach to his death
Interpreting Jesus' death

 5. The Early Jesus Movement

  • Easter experiences
  • Resurrection belief
  • Transformation of Jesus
  • Transformation of disciples
  • From the risen Jesus to divine status
The crucified and risen one