Rev. Dr. Jim Waters, PhD Chancellor   [email protected]

My Struggle with Faith by Fr. Joe Girzone

the pdf file in our USB file

Sadly Fr. Joe passed this past Fall following a lengthy illness. 
He was my Spiritual Director and a friend of the Institute. He is remembered daily in our Masses and prayers for his life continues to guide thousands the world over in their lives in Christ. My heart broke when I first leaned of his passing but I realized his entire life was lived to the fullest.. he had been told not to expect a long life, yet he lived a long life far longer then doctors dreamed of. 

Everytime I pray I expect to hear his dear voice whispering to me.. "Follow christ Jimmy.. follow Christ.?

You'll find below three videos on YouTube on Jesus. 
They will help introduce to you why we at STI are dedicated to the work of Fr. Joe. The Chancellor has been mentored through the year by his uncompromising advice and encouragement. In addition through our other video offerings you'll find videos on Bishop N.T. Wright and Fr. Henri Nouwen. Lives lived in dedication to Christ. Bp. Wright is an almost lone voice worldwide in his teachings on Jesus as Lord and Savior.