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A payment plan for each student will be in effect of course. We'll also examine on a case by case basis what scholarships and student assistance may be made available. STI never turns a student away for lack of finances.

Once enrolled you will receive our USB Flash Drive Stick containing all our E-Books, Manuals & Program Materials. This USB Flash drive contains our Videos targeted to your degree and program. Material and Videos are being added every week. I believe you'll find this arrangement to be of a great help to your education

You may click on this link to visit our On Line Program in the Cloud.   easy link to our USB material.. manuals, books and videos in one site. 

Click on The Below URL link.. takes you to our Flash drive online.. then click on the specific folder twice to open the pages.  The  Actual flash drive will be mailed to you once the initial payment is made. But you can review the material easily this way.  This is quiet large and inclusive.

Religious Degrees, Certificate & Ordination Programs

Licentiate in Sacred Theology "STL"

Fee $350.00

A general Catholic Degree providing a Licensure in Theology for those studying for the Priesthood or Liturgical Ministry. May be substituted with the Bachelor in Divinity Degree. 

Master of Divinity "M.Div."  Fee:  $450.00 


If you received The STL or other degree, certificate from "STI" the total fee amount will be a sum total of $350.00.  The M.Div. will include Certificates in Pastoral Care and Domestic Violence

Doctor of Philosophy in

 Pastoral Care & Counseling

"PhD" $500.oo - payments, scholarships on a case by case basis.  

Certificate in Pastoral Chaplaincy Fee is $200.00

Doctor of Theology ... ThD  fee: $350.00
Professional Degree emphasis on Theological study 
esp. in relation to Christ and the Sacraments. Also relationship to sacraments and the Church and pastoral care. 

Doctor of Divinity  Fee $250.00

Honoris Causa

Awarded to newly Consecrated Bishops or Clergy with a laudable history of service in the Ministry. To advance on to the PhD in Pastoral care this fee would be counted as partial payment for that Degree Fee.

The Chaplains Course is adapted from a professional Clinical Pastoral Education course. We suggest students volunteer at a local hospital or Health Care Facility. Most Hospitals have volunteer programs that provide an opportunity to learn as you assist patients and their Families.  You'll need this for your ministry. The Manual was created by the Former Director of Chaplaincy Training in the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ and Phoenix, AZ. 

Domestic Violence Chaplaincy Certificate

This program includes videos and Large manual in PDF format. This may run in connection with the US Dept. of Homeland Security Training as a Dom. Violence Trainer. Designed specifically for Clergy. The Author and Chancellor are both professionally trained in Domestic Violence Counseling. Fr. Jim is a Federal Trainer in D. V. by the Dept. of Homeland Security. Originally with the US Dept. of Justice.
Ordination as a Non-Denominational Minister

The "Christic Ministry Pastoral Studies Program"

sponsored by "STI" the fee is $200.00 this is a on-denominational Program of a higher quality and professional set of standards then most other "on-Line programs. It is not an instant or program in name only. 

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Educational Fair Use Notice for entire Website
Certain materials used in this total website are included under the fair use exemption of the U.S. Copyright Law and have been prepared according to the educational multimedia fair use guidelines and are restricted from further use.By Sanctus Theological Institute and The Christic Ministry, a legally Chartered Church.

Note:  All Degrees granted by STI are Religious degrees and not Academic. If you earn a PhD, ThD, or D.D. you must use the title Rev. Dr. before your name, rather then Dr. and name. This is to make sure to differentiate the difference that yours is a religious Degree. Most states take a dim view of passing off a religious degree as an academic degree.