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Sanctus Theological Institute
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Fr. Jim Waters, PhD, Chancellor

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Main Phone Number:  1-971-263-8279

In addition to high-quality, academic preparation delivered via online study.We Supplant this on-line study via Video Productions designed to enrich study. Including Theology, Pastoral Study, Historical studies from the Early Church to the present. Especially videos from many of those clergy and well known theologians who have continued their studies in the latest research, academic and experiential aspects of Christian Thought. 

We are also interested in Current Christian activities happening worldwide.  

During my studies and travels I've been able to hear many of these leaders, professors and teachers internationally .  I've visited Orthodox Monasteries in The Greek Isles,in the Middle East.

While serving with the Defense Intelligence Agency in Iraq I visited some of the earliest sites in Christian Histor. During my travels in Israel, Experts, theologians, scholars led me to areas off limits to tourists.  While training  with the Israel Defence Force I met officers who introduced me to Monastic Friars who included me in their masses and teaching in places not open to the Public.  While in Rome I was taken by a Priest friend, sent by the Pope to allow me to pray in the catacombs beneath the Vatican and St. Peter's. I have in my Altar cloth relics blessed in hand by Pope John Paul II. From these contacts and contacts with authors such as the Late Fr. Joseph Girzone I was able to study with both him and Fr. Henri Nouwen years ago.

Fr. Nouwen, the famous author on Pastoral care, on Spiritual Direction and the search for inner peace assisted me as I recovered from injuries and psychological damage from my deployment to the Balkan War in Bosnia, Kosovo.  This gentle wounded healer guided me out of darkness.. a mere few months before his own death. 

                                                                 Seminary programs
are conducted by online learning and through correspondence. We seek to make a high quality educational experience available by utilizing mentors and distance learning for those persons who are unable to attend a classroom setting. By combining life experience credit, low cost and high quality distance learning courses with spiritual development, and proctors, we are able to provide certificate, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs to persons who were previously unable to complete their educational goals.

Special Note.. STI has completed Our Program Course Material Website. Those pages are found on this site by special permission from the Chancellor. All students and clergy associated with the Institute will have full access to our program materials and which may be reached once an applicant is accepted as a student.  You'll also receive a full packet of special software created by the Institute. You won't find this material in any other site worldwide.

You'll find full manuals for all work you may be interested in via this internet site. The manuals are such that you'll want to download or print hem out to save as Materials for your ministry and work.

E-Learning Spiritual Education In an Environment
Unique to each Student !

Celebrating A New Paradigm for the "Church" in this, the Third Millennium since Jesus Christ burst forth from the tomb. We'll meet Jesus on our own road to Emmaus. 

. "STI" formed in 1998 is dedicated to this meeting the needs of our students, fellow "Followers of the Way". We're forming partnerships for mutual learning and exploration seeking constantly a renewal of  ministry and service. Won't you join with us on the Journey as servant leaders.

A special link to our special application form is found on the first page and the STI Links Page,  You may save it as a .doc file or print it out hen mail it back to us. The Application will provide us a clearer idea as to how e may better serve you on "your own" path to Ministry.

"STI" creates an Educational experience where each might explore their own interests or goals that might fit within a defined yet easily modified structured format towards which to better educate and serve you!

Our students come from among those who are already Ordained clergy, perhaps you're seeking ordination or to enhance what you're already working in.

If you're a working person then you've come to the right place.. E-learning is meant for you, to study at your own pace in this Digital New Media Age!

Sanctus Theological Institute combines the best of Multimedia Programs and research materials that go beyond any you may have seen. Yet you enter a portal as vibrant as that seen by those in the Early Church to the grandest Cathedral.

The Chancellor is an Emmy Wining Professional Videojournalist of international standing, having spent a life dedicated to truth and education.  Ordained as a Presbyterian Minister in 1972 he went on to become a combat journalist and counter-terrorist Intelligence Expert for the US Gov't while still in College. It was during this period He found that much of the world's ills were related to religion devoid of true spiritual depth grounded in Jesus, also how politicians could use religion as a bullet to shoot into innocents such as his own loved ones who perished during one such bombing in London. Regardless of religious politics he found people of honest sincere faith in all lands who sincerely wished to find a faith they could hold on too! From touring the former USSR to having lunch with Lech Walesa in his small home in Poland before communism fell to freedom. He also met with Mikhail Gorbachev and the Dali Lama along with traveling with Pope John Paul II during his 1987 trip to SE USA. When the Berlin Wall began to fall he journeyed to Berlin and found himself driven over the border to attend an impromptu Communion service at a formerly Hidden Christian Community less then a mile from the now crumbling Berlin Wall.  To find faith in bursting forth where there had been despair led him to seek a deeper renewal of his own faith leading ultimately to the founding of "STI" and The Christic Ministry.

From the bombs of N. Ireland to the Middle East. He lost his fiance o a Terrorists' bomb in 197o on the streets of London. Finding in the midst of Sorrow a prayer of service to bridge the barrier "Religion" has created ever since The Eastern and Western Rites of the Faith split.

We're committed to become a bridge to the life giving force the Apostles and their followers brought to the world.  From the writing of the Early Church Fathers to those rediscovering the Holy Spirit together with Apostolic Authority carries forth the ever vibrant faith we all seek!

We're a wellspring of inspiration and encouragement; providing opportunities or educational and spiritual growth, together with the tools to better prepare you for a life of service. Along with our Board of Advisors and Adjunct Professors, we are without jurisdictional or denominational agenda, pre erring o serve Individuals and small faith communities on an individual basis. We're professionals with years of experience in many areas of ministry, theological study and expertise.
Within the past couple of years we rely less on others for we've amassed a huge library of material prepared by theologians, Christian Authors and Professors who've allowed us free use of their program material. Their book and manuals now exist to provide our student and graduates the ability to study with a far lowered cost. 

Accredited by the International University Accrediting Assoc. And the American Theological Association, we are above all a Religious Degree granting Institute, with Exempt status from nearly all states in the US except Oregon that does not exempt small religious schools. Therefore our degrees are religious only, as a seminary we issue religious Degrees not the traditional Academic degrees. this was never our intent.
You should be aware of this when applying for professional certification. Some organizations will want to see an Official transcript etc. which we'll gladly provide.

Founded in 1998 by The Chancellor and the Board of Advisors, Sanctus Theological Institute is backed with Clergy who have decades of experience in all areas of service.

       Sanctus Theological Institute provides Religious Education, Seminary Studies, Graduate           Divinity and Integrative Spirituality programs along with Individualized support
                               A combination designed to help you succeed!

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