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The Monks of Oxford,
Spirituality transending Barriers

The Joy of God's Grace in our lives

       Fr. Henri Nouwen, PT 1 on the "Life of a Priest"

                  Sanctus Media, video production from STI

A Special introduction to Sanctus Theological Institute. An On-Line Graduate Institute utilizing the tools of "New Media" and The Internet to provide real world Pastoral Training for those seeking professional studies either as Clergy, in pastoral formation or to enrich your Christian Life.

This is a simple video created by Fr. Jim Waters, PhD. who besides serving as Chancellor is an Emmy Winning Videojournalist who late in life became an Ecumenical Franciscan Priest.

Sanctus Media and Artisanmultimedia is able to provide unique media productions for a wide range of needs, from the spiritual, educational to non-profit and other uses based on our over 35 yrs of global experience.

Should you our your ministry desire to create On-Line Videos for your website or any other use we are capable of handling virtually any of your needs. If you shot your own video.. have images we can create special video websites.. create video online channels for you to showcase your church, work etc. Fr. Jim can come to where you are, or if so desired we can take your provided media material in original or most any format and convert it into a professional video elieve in this era of economic troubles we are uniquely placed to assist any and all who are in fields of service with professional quality media production at a cost any can afford.


   Domestic Violence Video for Chaplaincy Certificate

                                       SANCTUS  "THE VIDEO"
    Ambushed by Jesus, with Brian Manning


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