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 The Major Online Classic Christian library

Virtual Religion Index, for On-Line Seminary studies


The Early Church Fathers, studies for all Christians interested in learning

the formation of the early Church from Jesus, to the Apostles to the disciples to the first "Fathers of the Church".

New Advent, huge source for study in the Fathers of the Church also contains the entire Catholic Library on the Internet. For seminarians and clergy alike this site provides a site for constant reference and study into the entire history of Christianity


On-Line Bible Translations, The Most complete listing of links for Scripture Study "New Jerusalem Bible On-Line" The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) is a Catholic translation of the Bible published in 1985. The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) has become the most widely used Roman Catholic Bible outside of the United States. Like its predecessor, the Jerusalem Bible, the New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) version is translated "directly from the Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic."

  Internet Guide to Religion by the Wabash Center

a major educational resource for study.


The World-Wide Study Bible

The Confessions of Saint Augustine

St. John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul, full manuscript in Book Form

An On-Line Encyclopedia for Catholic Studies


Source of primary texts in church history, Christian spirituality, Christian music, and more.

 Monastic Spirituality, the Benedictine Order

 Lectio Divina: Christian Spiritual Authors

 Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism

“A Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History” (and primary texts)

Patristic Texts, The 1908 Catholic Encyclopedia, Hagiography

The Gregory of Nyssa Homepage: translations and articles by Richard McCambly, a Trappist Monk

 Christus Rex: Christian Art, The Holy Land, Papal Documents

This website offers daily Liturgy of the Hours prayers, including Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer, in Adobe PDF formats.

 The Gregory of Nyssa Homepage, translations and articles by Richard McCambly, a Trappist Monk

 The Council of Amerian Catholics dediated to reforming the Roman Catholic Church from within and without!

Patristic Texts, The 1908 Catholic Encyclopedia, Hagiography, Early Church Fathers

                                                 Study Links II


Sites Devoted to Christian Spirituality

Sites Devoted to Christian Spirituality

The following selected sites offer helpful resources for Christian spirituality, formation and devotion. The emphasis is upon resources of a practical nature born in the current climate of ecumenical conversation and corporate wisdom. The ELCIC is especially interested in the baptismal journey of the catechumenate.

We would be grateful to hear of sites offering resources congenial to the evangelical-catholic tradition of the Lutheran community. We look forward to the creation of reciprocal links to ecumenically accessible venues. Contact Wendell Grahlman [e-mail] to suggest possible links.

Canadian Connection The maple leaf indicates a Canadian connection.

  1. Associations, Guilds, Societies
  2. Lives Lived to the Full
  3. Readings in Christian Srituality
  4. Spiritual Formation and Nurture
  5. Prayer and the Devoted Life
  6. Publishing Houses and Booksellers

Associations, Guilds, Societies

Lives Lived to the Full

Saints Mystics Interesting Individuals

Readings in Christian Spirituality

Archives, Collections, Guides, Libraries Lectio Divina Journals, Periodicals Interesting Writings

Spiritual Formation & Nurture

Catechumenate & Catechesis Community Spirituality Spiritual Nurture

Prayer & the Devoted Life ....Prayer

Social Action Other

Publishing Houses & Booksellers (used, rare, and out-of-print books; Victoria, BC Canada) Canadian Connection Anglican Book Centre (Anglican Church of Canada) Canadian  Connection


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